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August 2018

Hurray – our summer holidays are finally here !!!! Much later than usual but the more spectacular!

This year we are going to the birthplace of democracy, traveling through islands full of myths and legends, jumping into emerald-blue waters and experiencing world history …


After a flight of three hours (the pilot had to abort the landing) we reach the impressive city at the foot of the Acropolis. Our home for the next few days will be „Hotel Cecil“, a simple but extremly central located hotel in the Monestraki district.

What awaits us in Athens during our first hours is hard to describe: As night falls, this fascinating and graceful city awakens, lives, pulsates and shines. Romantic, inviting, cozy bars, restaurants, caffees and gelaterias open their doors, live-music is heard everywhere, fragrances rise in the air and the dancing leg begins to twitch.

Overwhelmed by this great atmosphere, we have the first culinary highlight. At „Kalamaki Kolonaki“ you find the best Souflaki in town – and we are lucky: we get a table directly.

Over-motivated and full of energy we start to order. All warnings about the generosity of the Greeks are forgotten. In the end we have ordered for perceived 8 people. Zaziki, 5 beef souflaki, 2 chicken souflaki, couscous salad, greek salad, fries, beer and wine have found their way onto our table! Uff …. 😂

Despite overflowing bellies, we could not escape the city. We stroll through the streets and neighborhoods, admire street art and let the beautiful atmosphere on us. Impressive!!!

1st surprise:

Despite excellent gelati offer, Ina voluntarily renounces the refreshing temptation and rolls home 😂

Day 2:

After a fantastic sleep, we dedicate ourselves to the ascent of the Acropolis. Everyone should experience the Acropolis once. Rarely we felt so close to history, rarely we both felt the importance of a place so strongly in the air as here. To dive even deeper into the history of the Acropolis, we also visit the extremely impressive museum.

On the way back home to our hotel, we pass by one of the best gelaterias in town „DaVinci“ and it certenly doesn’t dissapoint us! Satisfied we stroll back to our hotel where we take a well deserved power nap (1 h 🙈) before we are going to „To Kafeneio“ a Restaurant recommended both by Michel and some blogs. Here we have an excellent dinner with great service and we are very lucky to get a table outside. Our dinner includes feta cheese pastary with honey, meatballs in THE tomato sauce and fried zucetti balls that we enjoy together with a nice rosé. This great day finds a worthy end with a drink at „Brettos“ (oldest distillery in Athens) and with another ice cream ☺️.

Day 3:

The day is full of shopping, the most beautiful views over Athens (Lykavittos and Rooftop-Bar) and impressive parades (presidential guard in front of the parliament). In the evening we follow another recommendation and have dinner at the „Old Tavern of Psaras“. Although the food is nice (fish and fried octopus), this place can’t compete with the fantastic evening we spent at „To Kafeneio“ the evening before. The service is lazy and we dont’t even get everything we ordered (no wine, no apero). Anyway: the evening has just begun and we celebrate our last hours in this beautiful city on a roofbar and … again with a delicious icecream, surrounded with traditional music, laugher and dance!

Αντίο Αθηνών. It will not be our last visit. Athens: we like!!

Our Highlights in Athens:

  • 🏛 @ Acropolis
  • 🌃 @ Plaka
  • 🍦 @ DaVinci
  • 🥫@ To Kafeneio
  • 🍸 @ Brettos
  • 📷 @ Lykavittos

Next stop: IKARIA ✌🏻

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