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September 2018
September 1st – September 6th

Our last day in Ikaria is our first day in Amorgos. How comes? Due to the fact that there is only one ferry leaving per week at 03:40 am, we had no choice to turn the night into day. With food, drinks and games we kept each other awake and boarded in time at 03:40 am. Amorgos – here we come!

Good to know:
It is worthwhile to book the comfortable reclining chairs for a small extra charge. The „normal“ lounge was packed with people, some of whom were criss-crossing the floor, partially unrolling their sleeping bags.

Amorgos did NOT expect us, because we didn’t book anything on beforehand. Rightly so: at the harbor we meet Stamatia, a mid-fourty years old lady who owns several houses around the Katapola-area. The accommodations of „Villa Katapoliani“ are excellently positioned and have different standards. For the first night we slept on the roof of a traditional Greek inn – overlooking the harbor 🤗. We changed the neighborhood for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th night and were located about 200m outside the village Katapola. Unfortunately, there was no WiFi avaliable and it didn’t included warm water …

Day 1:

Beach day and Cliff-Jump @ Plakes & Maltezi Beach – followed by a spontaneous hike and an unwanted bath in the thorn bushes (ouch 🙈). Here we also had fantastic snorcling where we saw several fishes and an octupus. Back in Katapola we put on our running shoes and went for a short run that took us to the best spot to be able to enjoy a fantastic sunset. After we let ourselves be pampered in the evening by traditional food while the sun slowly disappeared on the horizon.

Day 2:

If you will ever travel to Amorgos, make sure to visit Chora. The picturesque mountain village high above the sea offers a fantastic view (go to the windmills), narrow streets, playful bars & restaurants and endless spots, as you only know from picture books. The houses are snow-white, the doors and windows colorful (blue, red, green, purple, black, …), the people are very authentic and the food regional, blunt and simply delicious! From here we walked to probably the most beautiful monastery in the Cyclades: Hozoviotissa. The snow-white building is build into a steep cliff with an excellent view to the sea and well protected from strong winds. The nearby beach „Agia Anna“ was once one of the locations of ”the big blue” from Luc Besson and offers nice swimming opportunities. The day ends as it began: in Chora. Here we enjoy great traditional food, a very warm hostess and a wonderful view to the sunset (Restaurant „Arbaroriza“).

Day 3:

Snorkeling in the caves of Mouros Bay is supposed to be great. After a short scooter ride we reach this stunning beach, jump from a cliff into cristal-clear water and actually observe many fish swimming around here. We like 👍🏻. Refreshments are served in the slightly higher ”Mouros Cafe Bar & Taverna” (try strawberry milkshake). In the evening we get informed that our departure from Amorgos will be delayed. Due to a ferry strike, our ferry is fully booked, which brings us to one more day on Amorgos.

Day 4:

Our day starts early in the morning to admire the sunrise best. The most beautiful view offers the top ruin of the windmills in Chora. On these walls we observe the arrival of the sun and eat our own prepared Greek yogurt with fruits, honey and walenuts. Yummy! Our further journey takes us to the village of Aegiali, which is located in the north of the island. On the way dozens of goats lining on both sides of the road. In Aegiali we eat terrific (Restaurant „Falafel“) and lean back on the beach! Nice!


We heard a lot about the mythical island of Amorgos, which was best known for the movie „the big blue“ by Luc Besson. In fact, we have experienced many highlights here

  • 🏊🏼‍♂️🐟 @ Mouros Bay (Snorkling)
  • 🏖 @ Plakes (Katapola), Mouros Bay, Agia Anna
  • 🍴@ Falafel (Aegeali)
  • 🍴@ Arbaroriza (Chora)
  • 🌅 @ Cape Katapola
  • 🌄 @ Windmills (Chora)
  • 🐐: always and everywhere 😂

Next stop: MILOS ☺️✌🏻

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