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September 2019

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Reef systems alternate with rich fauna and dreamy islands on more than 2,300 kilometres. Some of the most beautiful islands are the Whitsundays.

We explore this beautiful area during the next three days on a boat and by walk, swim and dive. We will also visit the Outer Barrier Reef where the corals are said to be intact and overwhelmingly beautiful. We are super excited and Ina will fulfill a big dream of her.

Our new home is the „Kiana“ – a 14.6 meter long classic sailing and diving boat. The crew consists of a skipper (Chris aka. Jesus), a divemaster (James aka. the Mermaid) and a cook (Anna Banana aka. the Wizzard). We are 11 passengers on board: 5x GER, 2x PER, 1x AUS, 1x SWE, 1x SUI.

The conditions are legendary! The ocean is as smooth as glass which, according to Skip Chris, only happens during 12 days a year. These conditions may not be the biggest dream of sailors – but they are fantastic for divers due they allow access to hidden dive spots that are accessible only by PERFECT conditions.

Our biggest fellows are the humpback whales that we spot the first time after only 20 minutes. They accompany us during the whole trip: on the surface we see them splashing, underwater we hear them singing. Amazing!

You haven’t seen the Whitsundays without a visit of the Whiteheaven Beach. What seems to be a nice marketing-claim turn out as totally true! In the afternoon we reach this famous place and we are thrilled: a snow-white beach, turquoise blue, clear water and the sand… oh man the sand is heavenly!!!! Velvety soft, cool and extremely thinly. We have been travelling the world but we have never seen such a beach before! 🤩

The first dive is scheduled for the next day at 07:00 am at Lunchon Bay. And it will be remembered less because of the underwater world but more because of the panic attack of our buddy-diver. After a panic-attack at a depth of approx.12 meters and an emergency ascent she has to be given additional oxygen and later we hand her over to a doctor. We are happy to hear later this afternoon that she is alright!

Luckily for us it does not change the plan to sail to the Outer Barrier Reef. Here our diving hearts beat faster! The coral world is beautiful and we see many colors, shapes and animals during our 3 dives at the Bait Reef. We see Reefsharks, Squids, Bumphead Parrotfish, Scorpionfish, Groupers, Parrot Wrasses, Snappers, Stingrays, Turtles, Lobsters, Spanish Mackerel, Blue Lagoon Ray and countless schools of fish. The most beautiful dive was the Mantaray Drop Off – which is very rare acessible! Another highlight was our first „Cave“-Dive @ the Cathedrale and an incredibly beautiful starry sky during both nights.

After 3 days full of exploring we set sail and navigate back to Airlie Beach where we change back to 4 wheels again.

The next days will be a classic roadtrip. Destination: unknown 😂😎. Surprise: on! Stay tuned.

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