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September 2019

Magnetic Island’s greatest assets are its rugged natural beauty, its wild-life, the many beautiful beaches, the accessibility and the climate as the sun is shining 320 days a year.

As we arrive to the harbour in Townsville a bit earlier than expected, we re-schedule our transfer to an earlier one and catch the 10:45 ferry to Magnetic Island. As the ride takes only 40 minutes we have the whole afternoon to discover the first part of the island.

We stay at the islands only camp site and as it has a wildlife park just next door, we decide to explore it a bit further. The tour is unfortunately not what we expected but it is still ok. We get very close to the blue tongue Lizard, turtles, a black cockatoo, a big snake and the cutest of them all, the Koala bears.

Right after the tour is the time for lorikeets bird feeding so we stay around, grab some food and shortly after, we have a lot of birds all over us. It’s hilarious!

If this would be a blog with only perfect pictures, this experience would look like this:

But if we are honest, it is more like this 🤪😂

As we are already in an animal feeding mood, we decide to drive to Geoffrey Bay where we feed the cliff wallabies out of our hands. It feels a bit touristic but it’s still super sweet!

We wake up both mornings around 6 to the sounds of the lorikeet birds and as we are already awake and as the weather conditions are perfect, we start the days with a morning run during sunrise at the beach. Love it!

We discover nature more or less everywhere and Magnetic Island is not an exception! We get ready for hiking and head off to “The Forths”. During World War II the Allies were using Magnetic Island as a strategic point to defend the military base at Townsville against the Japanese Forces. We have only about an hour from our camp to the top of the hill and the absolute highlight are the five wild Koala bears that we spot in the trees.

In the afternoon we take a 30 minute walk to the Beach at Balding Bay. It’s a really beautiful beach and we find a hidden spot on the cliffs that we have totally for ourself. It’s not like the beach is over crowded anyway…

In the evening we hang out at the bar area and suddenly a opossum fell down from the big tree next to us. The poor thing is probably even more shocked as we are and a bit dizzy too. But as we get closer to see if it’s alright, it heads off and run back up in the tree. We have no idea if a “flying opossum” has been seen often here but the employees seem to be as surprised as we are.

We leave the island almost 48 hours after we arrived. Magnetic Island is a nice place and we leave relaxed, a bit more tanned and with a few nice animal experiences in our backpacks. Next destination: The Whitesunday Islands.

One comment on “MAGNETIC ISLAND – Sunshine, Koalas and beautiful Bays

  1. Irène sagt:

    Hey, so spannend und cool, was ihr alles erlebt und in diesem Blog festhaltet! Herzige Schnappschüsse hat es dabei. Die Pflanzen und Tiere dieser Erde sind einfach Magie puur! Danke, dass wir daran teilhaben dürfen. Passt auf euch auf!

    Gefällt 1 Person

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