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September 2019

We reach Brisbane around 3 pm for a fast Check-in at the hotel to immediately continue the last section of our roadtrip. Today we say goodbye to our loyal fellow Dough (our Toyota Hiltop Camper) which accompanied us for 3’000 km and never let us down. To get to the returning area we have to cross the whole city and surprisingly all available navigation systems go crazy! But: we make it, park our camper and take the train back to the city centre.

Forward-looking we already put on our running gear. It allows us to do our jog-sightseeing while running between skyscrapers, elegant parks, inviting bars and the beautiful City Beach. In addition to this we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of the Brisbane Festival without any knowledge of this happening. It seems that we had a great timing! Brisbane Festival is one of Australia’s major international arts festivals. Each September, it explodes across the city with a thrilling program of theatre, music, dance, circus, opera and major public events – and we are part of it 👍🏻. We spend the evening on the festival grounds, watch the light show in the Brisbane River and strengthen ourselves with streetfood! What a great first evening!

The next day is our last full day together on this journey – and it’s a beautiful one. We relax by dipping our feets into the refreshing water, enjoy a delicious wood-fired pizza on the shore of Brisbane River and I get a freshly brewed beer in the Felon Brewery – which is fabulous!

In the evening we enjoy the nightlife of the city: fresh beats, cool drinks and the best steak ever @MooMoo! It is truly a magical night and we enjoy it deeply.

Before saying goodbye on our day of departure we spend the last sunny hours in Southbank. Ina is travelling back home while I have the pleasure to explore a bit more of Australia.

@ Ina:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing memories that we created during the past 3 months. We climbed mountains and discovered the depth of the oceans. We cuddled koalas and swam with sharks. We discovered the eternal ice and walked through the Amazon! The whole trip was packed with highlights – but my biggest highlight of all is you!

I will always carry the experiences of this fantastic journey in my heart and I will never forget them. Thank you for being such an important part of my life.


One comment on “BRISBANE – vibrates, sings, lives

  1. Christina sagt:

    Ich heisse zwor ned Ina, aber die letschte Ziile bringed au mis Herz zum Schmelze. Wie muess es denn erst de Ina goh…
    Mir freued eus fest für dich und eu und uf dich und eu 😊.

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