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September 2019

The most easterly point of Australia’s mainland is Byron Bay. But it’s much more than that: we find amazing surfing conditions, a charming little town and the best jogging track.

On our last section down south we pass Brisbane and meet the Pacific in Gold Coast again. The numerous skyscrapers along the shore strongly remind us of Miami and the colorful hustle and bustle on the street supports this feeling! We pass places like Surfers Paradise, Miami, Palm Beach, Coolangatta, the Sunshine Boulevard and Point Danger to finally get to our lunch spot that is well known by every surfer: Snapper Rock (famous for it’s surf break and start of the large sand bank known as the Superbank).

The wind blows and the waves pile up what attracts numerous surfers. But there is something else in the water… a whale suddenly appears in the middle of them! The strange thing about it: neither whale nor surfer seem to care much about eachother – only the two tourists on the beach are obviously thrilled by this happening. 😅

We reach Byron Bay after another 80km ride in the late afternoon where we enjoy a short walk along the impressive cliffs. Just in time for sunset we pass Cape Byron (eastern point of the Australian mainland) and reach the white lighthouse on top of the cliff. The scenery is twice as impressive as the wind has increased and the sea is now whipping harder and harder against the shore.

Unfortunately the wind situation hasn’t been changed until the next morning and we consider to break off our tents and spend our last days in the Lamington National Park instead. Nevertheless, we experience the vibe of this surfer town in the morning and spend some hours to stroll around. Our planned journey towards Lamington National Park don’t get far: only 7km outside Byron Bay lies „the farm“. A charming little place with integrated gastronomy – apparently run by surfers. It is awesome here! And as soon as the sun warms our faces everything changes very quick. We both agree that plans are maid to improve 🤪.

And that’s what we do. Five hours after our check-out we check in at the very same place again 😂. The Vibe has really caught us and we decide to stay here for two more nights. We celebrate our flexibility with a jogging tour that turns out to be the most beautiful of the last 3 months!

The rest of our stay in Byron Bay? Cheer up – slow down and chillout! Simple as that 😂.

We have our last dinner @ The Harvest. Located in the middle of nowhere it offers food exclusively made with local products and a great atmosphere.

Our time in Byron Bay ends on friday (the 13th). With the sun in our faces and the happiness in our hearts we drive back to Brisbane where we will spend our last days together.

Brisee – here we come!

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