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August 2019


No one of us have ever before had such an vacation as the one we experience at Le Tahaa.

We arrive to Tahaa with their private transfer, which is a boat that picks us up at the airport and takes us the 40 minutes boat ride to the Island.

We are super lucky when we get the end overwater bungalow, which really is the best one! 😃 The privacy as well as the view is amazing here and we drink our first coffee in bed to the sunrise, wearing only sunglasses. In the evenings we watch sharks, rays and fishes swiming around under our bungalow.

As we are only here for three days (two nights), we try to enjoy our bungalow to the max. We start the days with coffee in bed before we take our first swim and watch the sunrise at our own dock. Here we can relax to the max, which is the first time since this trip started. We are very happy with the high speed and fully packed scedual that we normally have, but it is nice to read books and sunbade a bit for a change.

The food here is amazing and my favourite meal is defenitely the breakfast. The variety of food is amazing and we can more or less have anything we like. We also enjoy the dinners a lot. The athmosphere is nice, the service great and the food delicious! We always go for a three course dinner but we share starter and desert as it’s definitely enough for both of us!

Even though we enjoy a few days relaxing, non of us can lay still on a sun chair for a whole day. We fill our days with activities like snorkling in the coral garden, kajaking, gym, tennis and by watching the sunset/sunrise. The snorkling here is absolutely amazing and we reach it only after a few minutes walk from our bungalow.

We need to check out at 11 and the great thing is that we get a transfer room at 14 to use until our boat is leaving at 17. The room is like a normal hotel room, with a bed, toilet, shower that’s filled with shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and even with massage oil. We really enjoy to have a private room for own use the last hours on the island.

We are super happy about our stay here and our batteries are fullt charged to take on the long travel in front of us. We now have 23 hours traveling ahead until our next destination: Australia

2 comments on “TAHAA – welcome to paradise

  1. Elin sagt:

    Så himla lyxigt och härligt att höra att ni uppskattade det till fullo🙏


  2. Carin Hammer Blakebrough sagt:

    Ser o låter helt fantastiskt Ina, njut o ha en fortsatt underbar resa o äventyr. Stor kram till er båda!


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