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September 2018

We arrive late at night to the port in Adamas where Marinos was wating for us. He is the manager for several hotels and guest houses on Milos and he made our stay on this island to a pure pleasure! First he takes us to our hotel where we are staying for the first night and then he contact us during our first morning to tell us that he has another room available for us where we can stay for the rest of our stay. He even picks us up and brings us to that accomondation 😃

Day 1:

We start the morning by renting a scooter to be able to discover also this island in an easy and flexible way.

Our first stop is Klima, a small fishing village that once upon a time was the only entry to Milos. We are surprised of the short ride but are both enjoying the small distances on Milos. This cute village has not much more to offer than fantastic photo spots with colourful boots and doors that makes it possible to know which boot belongs to which house. Afterwards we are strolling through the narrow allays of Trypiti and Plaka before we arrives at the beach Sarakiniko. This is a truely amazing and beautiful place with grayish-white volcanic rocks in fantastic shapes and high cliffs that gives both of us the feeling that we are walking on the moon. We spend quite some time discovering this place before we decide to take a swim and later on to challenge ourselves with jumping from a cliff into the smaragd-green and deep-blue water.

We decide to pass Plaka on the way back home to enjoy the sunset from the bar Utophia. We are both enjoying an aperol spritz while leaning ourselves back in our chairs. This is truely the perfect end of this amazing day.

Day 2:

We start the day early to visit Sarakiniko before all the turists are invading the beach. We take some very nice photos and enjoying the nice athmosphere for a bit and then spontainously decide to drive pass Mandrakia on the way back to Adamas. We are the only turist this time if the day and Mandrakia has not that much to offer. A few fishermans are getting ready for a day at sea and we take some colourful photos before we jump on the scooter and get back home.

As the weather forcast promised a day with hardly any wind, we have booked a day trip around the island with a sailing boat. We meet all the others at the port of Adamas at 9:30 and are taken by bus to Pollonia where the trip starts.
The trip is simply amazing and our skipper and his crew are really doing the little extra to make this journey a great experience. We have 3 bigger stops in total where we stop for a swim but the 2,5 hour stop at Kleftiko with snorkling and boat sighteeing to other caves is really the highlight of the day. We arrive at the Port in Adamas shortly after the sunset and as we are exhausted after a day at sea, we grab a gyros to go and enjoys the rest of the evening in our room looking through all the nice photos that we took during the day.

Day 3:

I start the day with a nice jogg and when I come back home, Lukas surprise me as he has already prepared the breakfast for us. We enjoy our standard breakfast, greek youghurt with fresh fruits, honey and walnuts in our wonderful garden before we take the scooter and drives off to discover the Tsigrado beach. To get down to this nice small spot with smaragd green water we first need to pretend to be Indiana Jones as we need to climb down a very steep cliff with sliding sand supported by only a rope and then a wooden ladder.

We spend the afternoon with having lunch at a nice restaurant with a fantastic sea view and then we decide to visit Sarakiniko for the third time, this time only for another jump of the cliffs. The sea on this side of Milos is quite rough and the waves are high so at first sight we think that this excursion is invane as is seems very dangourous to jump into the water. We are a bit disapointed until we see a guy doing backflips from ca 8 meters and after talking to him, we dare to jump ourselves. This is an amazing kick and we are both proud that we dare. Lukas even jumps twice!🙃

We enjoy our last evening in one of Milos best rated restaurants and despite high expectations, we are happy with both the food and the service.

Day 4:

Lukas decides to join me for a run and after breakfast we spend time in our room, going through photos and videos from Milos and saving everything on dropbox. Marinos is providing us late check out (1 pm) and around that time we take our backpacks and walk the 15 minutes to the port of Adamas were I have a nice ice cream and Lukas a big waffle that makes him feel nauseas and that gives him a bad conscience for days. While sitting in this nice ice cream café, we are approached by Dugi, a woman that workes in the Starbucks where Lukas is having a meeting every Monday. Lukas is surprised to meet someone he knows and we realize that we are taking the same ferry to Santorini and that we have also booked the same flight home on Friday.

We leave Adamas with the ferry at 14:50 as planned.  Thank you Milos for these great days. It was a pure pleasure! Aντίο!

Thank you Milos for these great days. It was a pure pleasure! Aντίο!


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